45 Tons Of Flat Hydraulic Cutting Machine Rocker Arm Type Hydraulic Cutting Machine Four Column Type Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine Standard 30 Ton Flat Hydraulic Cutting Machine Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine
SY-588 gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine
SY-622 627L Rocker-type hydraulic cutting machine
SY-525 (Standard 25T) SY-525A (fast) flat hydraulic cutting machine
SY-520 flat hydraulic cutting machine
SY-535 flat hydraulic cutting machine
SY-735 750 760 780 OGE precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine


Set design, manufacture and sale of high-quality cutting machine business, is a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises cutting machine for partners
Dongguan City Shirong Machinery Factory is specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality cutting machine business, the product from the steel to the finished product factory by the factory professionals strict control, welding structure firm, high precision, and the use of pure imports Hydraulic, electrical system, stable performance, simple operation. Shirong Machinery since its inception, with advanced mechanical processing and monitoring equipment, a group of experienced and has a strong sense of responsibility of the engineering and technical personnel, and improve the quality assurance system. With the professional production technology, complete product variety, excellent product performance, developed into a domestic cutting machine industry well-known enterprises, factory cutting machine to "large scale, high yield, full variety, stable performance, good reputation" To match the competitive advantage,



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According to the different parts of the upper parts, cutting machine is divided into swing arm cutting machine, gantry cutting mac

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Cutting machine technology dev2017-05-24

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