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Cutting machine technology development and application
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According to the different parts of the upper parts, cutting machine is divided into swing arm cutting machine, gantry cutting machine, plane cutting machine. Cutting machine is the shoe material blanking into the shape of the shoe parts of the special shoe-making equipment. Shoe cutting technology, is in the hand-cut and blade cutting materials developed on the basis of its working principle is to use the punching cutter die cutting force, the shoe material cut into different shapes of shoes. The use of this principle of work made of various types of cutting machine, not only punching fast, punching power, high efficiency, and cut out the shape of the shoe is very accurate, so that after the processing of shoes Dependable

The early cutting machine for the mechanical transmission, the advantage is simple structure, fast, easy maintenance; the shortcomings of vibration and noise, knife mold is easy to deformation and damage. With the shoe standard and the level of environmental protection, mechanical transmission of the cutting machine has been replaced by hydraulic transmission cutting machine. As the hydraulic cutting machine drive smooth, large blanking force, accurate cutting, vibration and low noise, so the development of fast. In order to meet the increase in shoe variety and shoe production professional market needs, cutting machine models are gradually increasing, such as hydraulic swing arm cutting machine, hydraulic gantry cutting machine, hydraulic plane cutting machine, automatic transport cutting machine, program control Cutting machine and so on. The punching force of the cutting machine is. Cutting machine punching control mode from the trip switch control to the development of the delay control, liquid power delay control, so that punching more accurate, more convenient operation.

Cutting machine and knife die cutting technology is also widely used in the footwear industry and development, become the most important and most popular processing methods. However, the development of science and technology is no end. In view of the high cost of cutting tool manufacturing, the ability of rapid response is poor, a new, no knife cutter technology also came into being, this is the high energy beam cutting technology and jet cutting technology. High energy beam refers to the laser beam, electron beam, ion beam, jet is high pressure water jet. This cutting technology not only does not need tooling, more importantly, the use of computer control, compatible with the system software, leather and non-leather shoes to achieve automatic expansion, nesting and cutting materials. This new cutting technology has been used in industrial applications. Although the application in the footwear industry is still small, but from the application examples show that this tool-free cutting tool technology to save high tool costs, shorten the new product production cycle, improve production efficiency and other aspects of the superiority can not be ignored The