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How to judge the cutting machine hydraulic oil is good or bad
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  The hydraulic oil of the cutting machine is the foundation of its work. The quality of the hydraulic oil is not only affecting the normal operation of the hydraulic cylinder, but also causing serious damage to the hydraulic system parts, causing unnecessary trouble to the workers.

  So, how to determine the cutting machine hydraulic oil is good or bad?

  First, the visual method: that is, if the use of hydraulic cylinders, the liquid was milky white opacity, then the oil contains a lot of water.

  Second, the burning method: with clean, dry cotton yarn or cotton paper dip a little to be detected in the oil, and then use the fire to ignite. If you find "crackling" burst sound or flash phenomenon, then the oil contains more water. Second, it is about the cutting machine hydraulic cylinder in the identification of impurities in the hydraulic oil content.

  Third, the sense of identification: hydraulic cylinders used in the oil has a clear metal particles suspended material, with the fingers twist when the direct feeling of the presence of small particles; in the light, if the reflection of the flash point, then the hydraulic components have been serious Wear; if the bottom of the tank sedimentation of a large number of metal shavings, then the main pump or motor has been seriously worn.

  Fourth, the temperature identification: for the lower viscosity of the hydraulic oil can be directly into a clean, dry tube heating temperature. If the test tube in the oil appears precipitation or suspended matter, then the oil has been contained in the mechanical impurities.

  5, filter paper identification: for high viscosity hydraulic oil, can be diluted with pure gasoline, and then filter with a clean filter paper. If the filter paper to find a large number of mechanical impurities (metal powder), then the hydraulic components have been severely worn.

  6, voice identification: If the hydraulic cylinder in the operation of the entire hydraulic system has a large, intermittent noise and vibration, while the main pump issued a "buzzing" sound, or even the piston rod "crawling" phenomenon, then Observe the tank level, tubing outlet or transparent level gauge, you will find a lot of foam. This shows that the hydraulic oil has been immersed in a lot of air, in order to make the hydraulic cutting machine work stability; it must replace the hydraulic oil; to maintain the best condition!