Rocker Arm Type Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-622 627L Rocker-type hydraulic cutting machine
product manual
modelSY-622 SY-627LSY-622 627L main feature:
Maximum cutting force22Tons 27Tons 1. Unique hydraulic system, fast speed, low noise, low oil temperature.
stroke70mm70mm2. Hand press the switch durable.
Use the motor1HP/0.75KW1HP/0.75KW3. Power: the motor is only 0.75KW, very power, and the installation of the motor protection device.
Workbench900×430mm900×450mm4. effort: swing arm easy, simple, safe, low failure rate.
Rocker width370mm500mm5. Two ways to control the trip set, easy to operate, accurate.
Mechanical size900×850×1300mm 900×970×1475mm  
Wooden box size910×1010×1642mm 910×1070×1652mm  
net weight620kg900kg 
Gross weight680kg   1020kg    
Hydraulic oil25kg38kg