Four Column Type Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-735 750 760 780 OGE precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine
product manual               ※ Can be customized for non-standard specifications of the four-column high-speed hydraulic cutting machine
model    SY-735SY-750SY-760SY-780
Maximum cutting force35Tons 50Tons 60Tons 80Tons 
Use the motor3HP/2.2KW5HP/3.7KW5HP/3.7KW7.5HP/5.6KW
Workbench610×1600mm 760×1600mm 915×1600mm 915×1600mm 
Mechanical size2300×1100×1070mm 2300×1000×1360mm 2300×1200×1360mm 2300×1200×1360mm 
Wooden box size2315×1115×1100mm 2350×1100×1800mm 2350×1500×1800mm 2350×1500×1800mm 
net weight2000kg2500kg4500kg4500kg
Gross weight2190kg   2690kg   4700kg   4700kg   
Hydraulic oil110kg130kg130kg130kg
main feature:    
1. Double cylinder, precision four-post automatic balance link structure, the depth of each cutting position is exactly the same.  
2. Cutting under the pressure contact with the knife when the automatic slow cut, so that the top and bottom of the material there is no size error.
3. This machine is suitable for leather, handbags, luggage, golf and other synthetic materials.