Standard 30 Ton Flat Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-588 gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine
product manual
modelSP588main feature:SP588 is particularly suitable for users: general artificial leather and leather materials
Maximum cutting force25Tons 1. Operation effort, simple, low failure rate, strong cutting force, cutting speed
main motor power1.5(kw)2 .. double cylinder, precision four-post automatic balance link structure, to ensure that each cutting position cut the depth exactly the same.
On the speed/(mm/s)3. Cutting plate under pressure contact with the cutter when the slow cut, so that the top and bottom of the cutting material without the size of the error.
Lower speed/(mm/s)4. Unique set structure, with cutting knife and cutting height, so that stroke adjustment is simple and accurate.
Cut the areaTake the box type(mm2)5. Hand operation, high security.
The pressure plate to the table distance180mm 
Stroke adjustment range10