Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-525C (25 tons) flat hydraulic cutting machine
product manual
modelSY-525 Cmain feature:In the end of EVA activities insole special type
Maximum cutting force25Tons 1. The machine work pressure of 25 tons, tailored for the large factory models.
Use the motor3HP/2.2KW2. The frame steel plate thickened, the spindle is specially designed and the vibration is reduced, which makes the performance more stable and longer life.
工作台 400×1250mm (on)
 500×1250mm (under)3. Fine-tuning device, can easily get the best cut the trip to extend the cutter and cut the life of the plastic sheet.
Mechanical size1500×600×1700mm 
Wooden box size1570×660×1870mm 4. Operation quiet, can greatly reduce the factory noise, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency.
net weight1200kg
Gross weight1320kg    
Hydraulic oil60kg