Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-530 flat hydraulic cutting machine
product manual
model    SY-530main feature:SY-530 is particularly suitable for users: for the boots and have a more complex Daomo shoe factory use, while the handbag factory is also very economical and versatile models. 
Maximum cutting force 30Tons 1. Fine-tuning device, can easily get the best cutting trip, to extend the cutter and cut the life of the rubber sheet.
stroke 5mm-100mm
Use the motor 3HP/2.2KW2. The spindle is specially designed with automatic circulation system, no artificial negligence oil damage caused by the damage.
Workbench 500×1600mm (on)
 520×1600mm (under)3. Cutting under pressure contact knife into the automatic slow cut, so that the top and bottom of the material almost no size error.
Mechanical size 1900×660×1700mm 
Wooden box size1970×700×2020mm 4. Operation quiet, can greatly reduce the factory noise, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency.
net weight 1390kg
Gross weight 1540kg    
Hydraulic oil 70kg