Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine
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    SY-540A flat hydraulic cutting machine
product manual
modelSY-540Amain feature:SY-540 basic to meet all the Shoudai Chang, toy factory, carton factory and some of the production needs of the luggage factory.  
Maximum cutting force45Tons 1. The machine is 45T.
stroke5mm-100mm2. Fine-tuning device, can easily get the best cutting trip, to extend the cutter and cut the life of the plastic sheet.
Use the motor5HP/3.7KW
Workbench610×1600mm 3. The spindle is specially designed with automatic circulation system, no manual negligence oil damage caused by the damage.
Mechanical size1900×850×1700mm 4. Cutting under pressure contact knife into the automatic slow cut, so that the top and bottom of the material almost no size error.
Wooden box size2000×950×2030mm 
net weight2000kg5. Operation quiet, can radiate lower factory noise, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency.
Gross weight 2150kg   
Hydraulic oil 130kg